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Is anybody else enjoying the repeats of this 80s game show on
Challenege TV? For anyone who hasn't seen it consisted of
two contestants being dropped in the middle of the countryside
and having to meet up with each other while being chased by the
Interceptor in his helicopter.

What made the show so great was the fact that the guy who was
the Interceptor played the the part as an OTT pantomime villain,
with his amusing banter with the helicopter pilot and his hawk
like screeching. Apparently they only made eight episodes which
is a shame as it was a great show, but I guess it must have
been expensive to make, plus it relied on the vagaries of
the British weather.

Watching it also reminded me of some of the similar tracking
type game shows like Lost (not the US series) and Wanted and
it's a shame that someone doesn't revive one of these TV formats.

It was a clever idea. The Interceptor did ham it up a bit at times, but he was good for a laugh and his pilot "Mikey" (Mike Malric-Smith) played the poor put-upon servant nicely.

Ham it up a bit? He hammed it up a lot, but like I said that's what
made the show so much fun!

Annabel Croft was an acquired taste. She curved in all the right places and looked good in the chunky sweaters that she wore, but her screechy voice was a bit of a turn-off, as it had been in Treasure Hunt a few years earlier.

She was definitely a case of should have stuck to the day job.

The best chase was the one that ended up in the Cotswolds near Broadway (it might have been in Chipping Campden) when the two contestants made it with a few seconds to spare and with both their boxes still working.

Shame I only found out just now that it was being repeated. At least I've set my PC to record the remaining episodes, and maybe they'll be repeated again.

I think they have shown that one recently. One of my favourites was
when the Interceptor disguised himself as a tractor driver and he had
the contestant sat on his trailer, until he revealed himself!

Fred X