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The exploded man was very good. Cannot recall anything so cleverly
gruesome so five stars for Russell T and the effects people there

So within the framework of this idea of nobody can die, what would
happen if you cremated somebody alive, then took their ashes and
scattered a portion in various locations around the world?
Yeah, I know the whole thing's ludicrous, just wondrin' :)

The SF writer Alfred Bester* dealt with this in his novella "Hell is
Forever". A group of people each make a pact with the devil and get
what they wish for, but (of course) with a catch.

One guy wants to live forever. However, his life immediately goes down
the plughole (can't remember the specifics), so he tries to commit
suicide starting with turning the gas on, then hanging, and finally
blowing himself up.

When the story finishes, we get a summary of each of the characters'
fates, and for him it's something like "a million agonised particles
of [name]".

* Walter Koenig's character in Babylon 5 was named so in honour of

Jerry Brown

Reminds me of the short SF story about the bloke who IIRC wanted
indestructibility and made a special force filed that went round him
like a bubble or something, he sneaked aboard a ship in the atom bomb
tests in the pacific and was blasted out into space to fall into the sun
- but had long suffocated inside the bubble.

Can't remember the title, but it was by Fredric Brown (no relation).

Found my copy of "From These Ashes: The Complete Short SF of Fredric
Brown". The story is "Great Lost Discoveries II - Invulnerability", I
and II being Invisibility and Immortality respectively.

Jerry Brown

Brilliant -IIRC Invisisbility was set in a Sultans palace and the bloke posed as the sultan to go in the harem at night but forgot that in the dark it didn't matter he couldn't be seen and a eunuch grabbed him by the arm and killed him. Immortality I can't remember other than when the bloke wouldn't die they just buried him anyway - could you look it up for me?