Sky at Night - TLPs

I've just read about these things called Transient
Lunar Phenomena that have, allegedly, been known
about since Ye Dark Ages.

Part of the problem is that it's amateurs who make
the majority of sightings. Presumably they do this
when the moon is visible.

Now, I know they aren't cheap to the average working
man, but there are such things as telescopes with
camera mountings; and they have been around for
years; and the moon is the nearest thing to us in
astrophysical terms.

It's over a decade since the jennicam launched and
these things are visible to the clergy in Kent a good
700 years before the development of specacles.

Perhaps it is a bit typecasting to header this as the
sole province of Sky At Night but surely someone
in some kind of "science" programming somewhere
in the UK could have set up a cheap and simple
data capture from the skylight in their attic or shed.

Like the Met Office, who can surely extrapolate the
positions it would be in at different times at night
and have an array of barometers, only some of
which are automatic.

SETI? STI might be a more appropriate project, but
then apparently a good half of kids don't know where
there nearest GU clinic is.

I would despair but I can always find something to
be optimistic about; shame it's generally not people.