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Nowt to do with php i'm afraid :-(

The standard pop up toaster .

Its been the same design for about 40 years or summit & while it does
the job the fact is it could be better as some parts of the white bread
are indeed toasted - but some parts of the bread remain white .

What if somebody was to invent a rotating toaster that would rotate the
bread like a ferris wheel during the toasting process .

Does it stand to reason the end resuld would be toast that was evenly
toasted all over with no white bits .

Too much to go wrong for household us, i think....there is a catering
toaster which doe something similar (as seen on dinnerladies)

Also used in some hotels. It's either that or have a waitress bring a toast
rack full of *cold* toast over to the table. An older design (plugged into
the light fitting) is at

Personally I work round the problem of toast sticking out the top of the
toaster by turning the bread sideways.

Another question .....

Would you like to see a tv show about design that would examine normal
everyday household products to see if they could be easily enhanced
and/or improved ? .

Not really. I'd like Tomorrows World back, though.

How about a programme to demonstrate how to program a toaster in PHP?
Instructions on how to write a windows driver for one at


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