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I am sure that manyrats are already admirers of Oliver Sacks. You
may like
to know that his new one, The Mind's Eye, is well up to standard and
fascinating about the visual system, how our brains construct images
and how
it affects us when things go wrong. There's a fuller review here if
interested (although since I posted it this morning one kind soul has
already said it's unhelpful<sigh>).

Maybe the kind soul marked your review as unhelpful as the book appears
to be available for pre-order only. Maybe you should have included an
explanation of how you came by your edition ... ?

Though it's clear enough if you read his review that Sid has read the
Anyway, I found it helpful :-)

I love Sacks' books.

Island of the Colorblind was the first I read. And the other short book
that goes with it was even more amazing.

Then I assume you've seen/remember this: