Re: Spoilerish 29/11

"Al Menzies" <al@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Siderius Nuncius wrote:
I must say that I thought the scenes with Peggy this evening were
exceptionally well done. Excellent, believeable writing and terrific
I thought the whole thing was very moving indeed.

TBMstillG, of course, but I thought this was TA at its best.

I was shouting at the radio, telling her to buy some iron-on name tapes,
for goodness sake. I could see that Peggy would be in a bit of a state and
not thinking clearly, but Jennifer has a school-age child - surely she
must know about them, and even have some spares at home. Why on earth
would anyone be writing directly on the clothes? This irritation rather
took away any 'moving' aspect of the scene for me.

YANA. There are many neat and unobtrusive ways of labelling clothes without
scribbling all over them. Sew-on name tapes are probably the neatest
solution, and I'm sure she could afford the proper embroidered ones. I bet
that nowadays you can get them on dark coloured tape with pale embroidery,
which would be more unobtrusive.

It is important to have his clothes labelled though. When my mother, back in
the 1970s, had to go into hospital permanently with Alzheimer's, nobody said
anything about this, and her clothes started going missing. We'd come in and
find her wearing bizarre, ugly frocks while her own, nice things had

Mind you, they also lost her dentures. I'm not sure how you're supposed to
label those ...