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Robert Dyas have got a sprinkling of Marmite products - I've been a bit reluctant to share this fact ..........

I typed in keyword Marmite in box to find the four products.

Oooooooooooooh, I want that mug :-) I'm not allowed to eat real Marmite any more cos of the high salt content and my BP,
so am forced to make do with the Swiss no salt version of Cenovis, which provokes equally strong reactions amongst consumers but in my NSHO is not as good as the Real Thing :-)

Is it really necessary to avoid Marmite because of the salt? Although the percentage of salt is very high, the portion sizes
are so small that that absolute amount of salt is acceptable.

As a quick test, I weighed my jar before and after putting Marmite on two large slices of toast. I reckon I put 5g on each (the "portion size" is 4g, so that's about right). That would give 0.5g of salt in the Marmite on each slice. There's quite possibly more salt in the bread, especially if you are sparing with the Marmite - a sliced Hovis wholemeal loaf tells me that it has 0.53g of salt per slice.

I eat and drink Marmite by the tablespoon (15gm) and the bread I eat has about 0.15gm of salt per 40gm slice. Are you sure Hovis has that much salt per slice? Seems a lot to me. Unless I'm reading the nutritional of my bread wrongly - for a 400gm loaf, total salt content is 1.3 per cent. Have I done the sums correctly?

I hesitate to correct you, having just got mine wrong in another post, but: A 40g slice, with salt level of 1.3%, will have 0.52g of
salt. That's a very hefty slice, mind - a ready sliced loaf has about 20 slices, at about 20g per slice (0.26g of salt). At least I
think so.

Can someone check my maths?


My thick-sliced Hovis wholemeal loaf says that it's 1.05% salt, which
is lower than Gumrat's loaf. The slices weigh 50g, so each slice contains 0.535g salt. The loaf weighs 800g and hence contains 16 slices (but I counted them to be sure).

The packet says that in the 400gm loaf, the total salt content is 1.3%.
By my calculations, a 40gm slice is a tenth of the loaf and a tenth of 1.3 is 0.13, no?
I'm feeling really obtuse here, but am absolutely willing to accept I have no idea
what I'm talking about.

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