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Sorry I have not read the whole thread...

but I would rip all CDs as WAV files for long term storage (or another
lossless format) do it once then what ever format your player needs and/or
bit rate you can do "batch conversion" to that format without having to load
100s of CD's (CDex is free and will do CDDB lookup to give you taged mp3
files). I did each CD twice, once to wav and again to mp3 at 128k about 5%
were not on the CDDB database.

Given the price of disks these days I was thinking just that myself.
It's not what I've done, but is what I probably will.

FWIW I find 128k mp3 is OK for speach (plays are great for long journeys)
and ok for music untill you compare it with the original WAV file or CD.

My car CD player is traditional CDs only (the boat's plays mp3). When I
reconvert to wav to make a CD I find 128k are distinctly lacking, but
vbr are pretty well indistinguishable (and not much bigger at mp3).

My flash player has 4GB of memory and I just upload from the PC as and when
needed. Whatever I upload about 50% does not get listened to as my mood
changes by the hour/day/week

You get in that ghastly state of pressing "skip, skip, skip" where you
don't like anything. Being stuck back with 20 tracks or so per disk
makes me listen to more!
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