The Scottish "Mountain of God"

The Scottish "Mountain of God" (Fri 11th May 2012)

Ben Ledi in STIRLINGshire is the Scottish "Mountain of God". It was
given this name in 1791 by the Rev James Robertson (via God's plan).
It has a small loch on it called Lochan nan Corp, meaning "Little loch
of the dead". You can read more online about the old coffin road from
Glen Finglas to St Brides Chapel close to Loch Lubnaig and the "Pass
of the dead". Do not believe the online versions by Satan and his
Tempted (SAHT). If this is not part of God's plan, why did the Pagan-
Masons (SAHT) hold their Beltane (false god of fire Baal aka the Green
Man/Devil) rites on the Mountain of God?. I used to go fishing in Loch
Lubnaig. Only Jesus holds the keys to Hades.

Some of the Living-Waters from the Mountain of God (Ben Ledi) runs
into the Glen Finglas (Fing-finger) reservoir. There is a 3 mile
underground tunnel from Glen Finglas that runs into Loch Katrine
(KA=111) reservoir. As a teenager, my real older brother George
(Mormon-Mason) took me to Loch Katrine pier. Several years ago, my son
and I stayed overnight at the big house by the pier at Stronachlachar,
a stopping point for the tourists. It housed the water board workers,
you have to be in the Brotherhood to get a job (I didn't know at the
time). There is another half - mile tunnel from Loch Arklet (Ark) that
runs into Loch Katrine. We also fished in the Living Waters at Loch
Katrine. There is lots of free Bible study online, research "Living

There are two separate underground tunnels from Loch Katrine that
carry the Living Water to Milngavie Water Works, near Glasgow (26
miles away). The second tunnel was completed in 1901 (119). Why two
separate tunnels? second one coming. I told you that SAHT know future
events. Now you know why they had to fabricate a pseudo terrorist
attack at Glasgow Airport. This gave SAHT an excuse to build the
ridiculous open ended security fence that covers less than 5% of both
reservoirs. No other Scottish reservoirs were considered, only my
fishing spot. SAHT were desperately trying to thwart Yahweh's plans.
Selfish Pagan fools will stick to worshipping false gods of wood, sun,
fire, stone, floating sewage and other powerless icons. The infinite
Lord Jesus is our Shepherd. Message to the secret society members who
are within God's Church. Repent or read online "Stirling's Curse", I
Am telling you it works. Heed this call, read and study the Beautiful
Bible before you can't. You are protecting a poisoned bone. I Am, have

The overflow from Mugdock reservoir runs down into Tannoch Loch. It
flows down again into the gorgeous Mugdock Park. Incidentally, the EG
for Mugdock is 74 = 11 (same as Jesus). SAHT almost destroyed our
long term marriage.. We separated for a short time and my wife was
given a flat in Mugdock Rd. The first two letters of my wife's name
are Ki =119. My wife is now back home, thank you Father. Non has been
pleasant but I would do it all again for God's children.

The Mugdock overflow/stream eventually runs into the Allander
(All=111) Water, a stone's throw from the chosen Allander Evangelical
Church (God's Church/Kirk = Ki = 119 = Psalm). The water from
Craigallian Loch also runs into the Allander Water. Craigallian means
"Beautiful Rock". I caught a fish there and released it, this small
loch is for Mason's only. Land stolen by the unelected criminal elite
(aka the royal brown-tongues). You will see them all as floating
sewage on the River Thames this summer. SAHT (using German scamsters
dressed as good) will organise a few races and turn the UK into a
police/military state controlled by the Occultic Criminal Elite.

Wake up you fools. If you are connected to the Police or Military, you
and yours will be just as vulnerable/helpless as soon as they have
used you to implement their planned world control. I Am fighting for
you as you fight for SAHT, hello?. Take you and/or your children and
go to God's Church near you and click your fingers. Snap out of
Satan's illusion. The Book of Revelation is simple, Jesus wins. For
the truth about "Freemasonry and the Church", checkout the brilliant Whatever happens will be by the hand of YHWH,
don't worry.

Last winter, I threw some coins into the Allander Water and some more
into the Mugdock reservoir and overflow. I prayed aloud and said
"Father, take these coins that you gave me. Let your Living Waters
flow over them to bless the righteous and destroy all evil". The
Allander Water flows into the River Kelvin and down into the River
Clyde (where I was born). The River Clyde flows out to the Sea into
every Port world-wide. Important, read Proverbs 3 verse 5.

Milngavie lays at the bottom of Mount Zion (located inside Masonic
Milngavie Golf Course). It was named Mount Zion over a hundred years
ago (to be included in God's plan). This is a very Holy place for me.
I've been walking there with our dog (last 3 years approx.) and I get
great connection and messages there. I would go early in the morning
or late at night to avoid the golfers. I hardly go there now due to
the puppet mason's company, who shadow me everywhere. I was confused
about the name Zion as it is associated with everything bad (NWO/SAHT,
etc). Last year, I had read that Mount Zion is another name for
Jerusalem. God YHWH knew I would write this for you. I shall await
God's plan/guidance. Research Co-Masons (my shadows/perps).

The Masons gave me manipulated Plumbing jobs in local Ledi Drive. I
previously told you that SAHT use the first letter "L" in their car
registrations as reference to Lucifer (Lucy). SAHT have plagued me
with the word Diesel (Die - El). Today, I will let SAHT know that Ledi
means Die - L as in Lucy. Satan is losing his power by the hour. I
haven't even used any electrical power on my Angle (angel) Grinder
yet. Just where is this Lucy hiding? (gay Soho in London?).

Research online "Joseph is Christ II" (using 2 X capitol letter i's =
II) for the esoteric meaning of number Eleven or II (as in second).
Here is another super-natural event that happened to me at the Water
Works (=153). There is a red/crimson memorial bench next to the money
pools (Mugdock side). I used to fish at this spot with my two sons. On
a dark desolate evening about 7.30pm, (approx two and a half years
ago) I was walking our dog past this red bench that I hadn't noticed
before. I sat down to rest on it. Suddenly, what felt like a hand,
pushed slowly inside my body (into my back, just under my right
shoulder blade). I jumped up and stood by the fence. I was spooked but
not scared, I'm used to the super-natural demons. I had regular sharp,
stabbing pains in that part of my back until I read the Beautiful
Bible last May 2011. I do not expect you to believe me for I cannot
prove it (although I can prove all the human persecution).

So how do you explain this? the name on the red memorial Bench is
Evelyn Law. The English Gematria (EG) for that name is 119. I AM
plagued by the word Law and 119. All of the messages relate to Psalm
119 (God's Law/Word). Did you spot the Elevyn (11) Law? (Joseph).
Warning, do not get confused as SAHT refer to L119 as Lucifer's Law,
they steal/reverse everything. SAHT also cut all the small pretty tree/
bushes that grew behind the Bench (they are all dead). Go there today
and see if I'm lying. False god/prostitute Asherah is associated with
wood. God and Satan knew I would sit on that bench. I have footage of
the red Bench and dead bushes on Video/DVD. I drew a cross on the
Bench and a week later someone cleaned it off. About 300m away, I
recently blessed RB at the Well of Salvation 3 hours before he went to
see Handel's Messiah. Also think of SAHT's pseudo security fence, the
Satanic Elite have shed tears of laughter at your ignorance.

Two or three months later, I was walking along the Water Works with
our dog. It was a dark evening and the lyrics of a song came into my
head as I sang. I had not heard or sang this hit song for 35 years. It
was the sixties band The Tremeloes and the song was called "Call me
number One". This made me feel good. I cried Father, "hold me - mould
me - shape me - make me". I will update you with lots more (including
dates/times) when I retrieve (safety/back up) more of Our divine
journey. The Word told you this would happen, God IS on the throne.
Jesus today, Jesus tonight, Jesus beside me, Inside me, Jesus.....
(forever, amen). Wherever I sit on my own, I Am never alone. Neither
is any person who has accepted Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

If you want the ultimate truth about what you are up against, you MUST
read "The Protocols of Zion" (aka the Luciferian Doctrine) at the
excellent informative website

Message to Henry Makow about your Princess Diana Murdered article. You
wanted to know why the Masonic Royals used a Fiat Uno (three times).
The EG for Fiat = 36, Uno = 50. Put the three numbers together and you
have 365 (zero's don't count). Add 3+6 = 9 then add 6+5 = 11 hence
9/11. This gives the Satanic Elite their much loved curse of 9/11.
There is much more to 365 days a year. Sorry Henry
( the Satanic Elite won't let me talk or
communicate properly. Smile, the Son has defeated the false Sun god/
twat, I Am what Yahweh has created.

Love, peace and FR33DOM. Joe Stirling. Psalm 119 "Your Word is a lamp
for my feet and a light for my path". Jesus will forgive all sinners
(including You), do not become a footstool. I never forget I was a
sinner. God knows your every thought and action. Beware of the Judge.