Who ate all the Pies?

Not me, and probably not you. Just got back from Whitby. One of my
favourite places on the East Coast.

Before we left we had lunch. We had pies, mash peas gravy and tea.
Prober comfort food. Filling and nourishing, the sort of meal you
have little sit down after.

If you like posh grub on polished slate served in a tarts boudoir,
this is not for you.

If you like good plain tasty food go to Humble Pie And Mash,
details on their website, http://www.humblepienmash.com/home/

I recommend the black pudding and sausage, but the Steak and leek
pie is good too.

All served up in a tiny homely cafe by real people.


Mike the Mundane
Less is More. More or less.