Bad Boy!

I am a bad bad man. Officially bad. So bad I might be evicted.

My Crime? I washed my car in the communal yard.

My Mini needed a wash. So I got my bucket, shampoo and washcloth out
and used the hose in the yard to wash the car. Even waxed it. Looked
magnificent. Reproofed the hood. Did the interior too. Cleaned and
treated the seats and trim to a nice leather polish. Cleaned the
carpets and mats. Did the lot. Cleaned up the yard too. I even swept
up the crap that wasn't mine. Did a proper job.

I got a letter from the resident association the next week. I can't
clean my car in the yard anymore. The Association has voted and
decided it is not an appropriate use of the yard area.

They suggest I employ a professional valeting service to clean my
car. And yes, they could work in the yard.

Anyway, I have passed the stuff on to my landlord and the building
management company to sort. They thought the area I washed my car in
was designated for that purpose.

Mike the Mundane
Less is More. More or less.