Home again.

Home from the coast at last. Job done and I get to sleep in my own
bed for a few weeks. I don't have any upcoming work so time to dig
into the savings.

While I was in Scarborough I noticed how the place has changed since
the 90s when I last was there. The council looks to have abandoned
all the old cliff gardens. The italian bits are still there but the
footpaths on the south cliffs are in a poor state and the landscape
maintenance is non existent. `

The old outdoor pool has been demolished and filled in. The
resulting open space is pointless. It lets you look at the stars.
Not that you would be in the place at night. It is out of the way,
poorly lit and frequented by the forgotten.

The front has been partly modernised with new lampposts and street
furniture. But the traffic flow has been so badly restricted the
area is now clogged with traffic. The stench of diesel fumes, two
stroke and badly maintained cars does not sit well with the smell of
fish and chips, donuts and burgers.

But there is nowhere for the traffic to go. Alternative roads are
few and the council has no desire to tackle the problem. Cash to
spend on iPads but not traffic management.

In the north bay the new sea wall looks more like the berlin wall.
Nice wave motif along the bottom. Reminds wheelchair users what they
could see if only there wasn't a concrete wall in the way. The BMX
track and skate park are a good idea and get plenty of use. Nice to
see the users have taken ownership and decorated it. The rest of the
cliff gardens need work.

For all the faults I whinge about, I still love the place. I just
wonder how much more neglect and lack of care the resort will take.

Mike the Mundane
Less is More. More or less.