Home again, home again.

Second post about Scarborough. I was living in the town, away from
the tourist bits. Every day I walked through the town centre. I
worry that the town I know will soon be gone.

It is plain to see how much the recession has hurt the resort.

Shops are closing at a rapid rate. One of the two Game outlets being
the latest. There are now several empty shops and the indoor
shopping centre is not immune with closing down sales and empty
units there too.

Any new shops are the short term lease stuff. A cheap bookshop in
the old Millets is the latest example. Where there is competition
the value brands do better. The cheap card shop does more trade than
the Hallmark shop. Wilkinsons sells more homewards than Debenhams. I
know, I have no hard figures. But just looking around the stores
gives this impression. HMV is a ghost store most days. Woolworths is
a Poundland.

I wonder how long the chains will remain committed to the town.
Boots, WH Smiths, Waterstones, along with several others have
stores. With declining footfall and spending power how long can it

Another factor is the out of town stores. Currys electrical has jus
moved out of town to a PC World store. Replaced by Brighthouse,
where you can buy on low weekly terms with a huge interest rate.
Morrisons has a huge out of town store.

Tesco left the town centre years ago for the old Hillards store. Now
they want to build huge store on an old council yard. Or maybe just
keep Asda out of the town.

If either of these giants get into town the town centre will look
like a ghost town.

And the tourist industry won't take up that sort of slack.

Mike the Mundane
Less is More. More or less.