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Correction !

It seems that JF has got around to posting his own Wikipedia entry about

Wrong, old chap. Quite wrong.

Dead giveaway about the reference to an early work originally broadcast in
1973, wiped by the BBC

The only dead giveaway revealed here relates much about you and your odd perception of truth and how the Internet works.

The material for the Wikipedia entry was, as far as I can see, culled from so many uncountable Usenet and the Internet sources; hardly surprising when one considers what a rich and successful, not to say talented and modest, person I am. Even though I always show courage by using my own name when posting material to the Usenet and other sources, I can well understand that a person of your own self-effacing timidity must find such courage utterly baffling. Equally baffling for you must be that so many other people should want to know more about me.

"but kept in the form of a domestic FM recording by Follett himself and
subsequently broadcast (sic) on BBC 7 in three half-hour instalments".

I don't know specifically where the Wikipedia material came from and don't much care, nevertheless I'm flattered that such inconsequential nonsense should prey so heavily on your mind -- a person of whom I was totally unaware until you decided to launch your rather sad attack. Still, drawing oneself up to ones full intellectual height and launching a frenzied attack on my kneecaps is as good a way as any to get my attention.

Without wishing to overburden your remarkable intellect with too much truth, that part of the Wiki entry is based on an article I wrote for the Usenet newsgroup It dealt with the problems of restoring a thirty-year-old, (slightly stretched!) C120 compact audio to reasonable broadcast quality.

The article was also published by Dave Williams on his website about me:

Nigel Deacon, who runs the radio drama specialist site at , asked for and received consent to publish the article on his excellent website.

Maria in America is so taken by my awesome talent that she has reproduced many of my Usenet posts on her website at

David Stevenson who runs has also republished many of my posts.

There are many other sources of my material. I've really no idea how many. A Vivisimo search reveals over 2000. Such is the price of talent, success and fame.

>Do not confuse the beloved popular, rich and famous author you refer to
>with the tired old hack

Old, well yes -- I'll admit to that. I'm 67. Hack -- goes without saying of course -- that's where the money is. But I'm far from tired. I look after and travel to my homes in Spain and France several times a year, and right now, having finally scraped through the colour tests, I'm learning to fly. On top of that I'm still working, drawing down several quite obscene pensions, and generally leading a rich, very full and enjoyable life. Lectures on cruise ships and at four- and five-star hotels are a new and interesting but not too profitable string. Will you be reinventing yourself when you're 67? I hope so but doubt it although you could make a start now by going on a truth recognition course. A bit tough if you have to use a real name but I'm sure you could get used to it. You might even learn that you have nothing to fear from me.

>whose principal hobby in the years of his dotage is to harasses newbie >top posters in this particular NG, scaring them away from what might >otherwise be any significant contribution. To everyone's loss.

The >very definition of an internet Troll. You >will note the James >Follett footnote to the definition of "internet >troll" on Wikipedia. >And the lack of any entry relating to any of his pathetic ouevre....

James Follett. Novelist. (G1LXP)
The Silent Vulcan trilogy, starting with 'The Temple of the Winds', on BBC7
Sundays 1840.
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