The Metropolitan Police & ECHG, English Churches Housing Group 280412 The Riverside Group

The Homophobic Hate campaign by Riverside / English Churches Housing
Group (ECHG),Hammersmith & Fulham Council and The Metropolitan Police
is still continuing – at the moment my tormentors think it is
acceptable to run a Hate campaign and they do not think they have done
anything wrong.

The authorities know who I am, but they think it is acceptable for a
group of people to run a homophobic hate campaign.

I have to deal with a lot of hate from my tormentors – both, major and
minor incidences – at the moment, my tormentors are enjoying
themselves enormously and they are hoping I will lose my temper – when
I do get an investigation into this hate campaign - most people will
be horrified by the hate I have to suffer.

My Tormentors take an enormous pleasure in making my life a living
hell - my Tormentors see me as a soft target. I am not scared of them
nor am I afraid of them - I will get a full criminal investigation
into this hate campaign - on my terms and I will not shut-up until I
get to the bottom of everything these criminals have done - I mean
everything and in the process I will clear my name which my Tormentors
have elegantly blackened.

When the whole truth comes out of what has happened - you will find
that I am a Law-abiding citizen and a veteran of the Falklands