The Metropolitan Police & ECHG, English Churches Housing Group 040212 The Riverside Group

The Homophobic Hate campaign by Riverside / English Churches Housing
Group (ECHG),Hammersmith & Fulham Council and The Metropolitan Police
is still continuing – at the moment my tormentors think it is
acceptable to run a Hate campaign and they do not think they have done
anything wrong.

The authorities know who I am, but they think it is acceptable for a
group of people to run a homophobic hate campaign.

Wednesday evening – Riverside had a meet the Tenants meeting – which I
attended – I did mention this Homophobic hate campaign – but they did
not want to sort this mess out – you must understand the pure
enjoyment my tormentors take in making my life a living hell.

One thing I did find out the Tenants Federation – which I am told is
the same as a Tenants Association – apparently all the representatives
were appointed by Riverside – with no input from any Tenants.

I will get a criminal investigation into the Hate Campaign.