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As for being 40, it only gets better from now on so enjoy it. And a word
advice, "knowing better" is the last thing you should do unless you want
hit a mental age of 90 thirty years too soon.

Yup, know what you mean. Important not to get wedged into a comfort zone.
Do things you're not familiar with. Ask dumb questions. Yup, I know and am
wise enough nowadays to know what I don't know and keep chiselling away at

Life doesn't have to be hard but if it is too easy it drifts away without you realising. Without consciously planning it I've found doing something new and different every 10 years and pursuing it vigorously until I'm quite good at it keeps me alert and fit. Unfortunately I'm not artistic like you, my projects are more utilitarian.

Sensitivity has been misused and hijacked. You can still be sensitive but
stoic. There seems to be an addiction to public outpourings of grief.
Sadness is worn like a fashion item and there are public "upset"
competitions almost every time even the most minor of celebrities suffers a
grazed knee or a cold. It's all very embarassing on a national level. It's
adolescent behaviour like fainting at a pop concert that just shows how
speedily backwards the country is going.

I find this public outpouring of grief embarrassing, distasteful, and "latin". It's somehow not quite British as British used to be. People now sometimes clap at funerals! What's wrong with keeping grief to one's self? Do I need to see flowers on the A20 everytime I drive to Ashford where some kids were killed or a middle aged motor cyclist topped himself at 120? Tragic for the relatives involved but does it do any good making shrines all over the country? The odd thing is that as people have become less religious these shrines have become more popular. It is as if having lost faith in God they are still looking for something spiritual to replace Him. What a confused lot we have become in this country. When I was a kid the bereaved wore a black diamond on their sleeve. This indicated to others that they were in mourning and wanted peace and quiet. Quite sensible in my view.

Now it seems that not happy with being made redundant sexually by "toys" and
sperm factories and family courts, men are being feminised emotionally which
is a totally alien state of male being. It's got so bad that a MANual has
been published for men who want to rebel against the feminists but, sadly,
don't know how to do it. If you are in a confused state about your position
in the world, i'd recommend The Retrosexual MANual - How to be a Real Man by
Dave Besley, ISBN: 978-1-85375-656-6.

I'll give you a bit of the Intro;

They've been neutering cats and dogs for centuries; it makes them safer,
more loveable and less likely to roam. Fortunately, they only got round to
neutering men in the last 20-odd years in a bid to create a tame, timid,
asexual creature barely worthy of the name........

It gets better from thereon.

Well, one thing I've never been is confused about my position in the world and guess I will make it to the end without so being. However, many I meet seem to be confused about my position when it is evident to me that it is not my position in the world they should be confused about but their own. :-)

Lol, it's posts like this that make me glad I've popped back into this ng!! :-)