Re: Were you the old git at Grafty Green garden centre this afternoon?

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Lol, hear hear Harry, I agree with you about the supermarket thing. I
think there should be a time limit on the amount of time spent in them.
Give people a ticket, tell 'em to get their shopping in the allocated
time or bugger 'em. Stop these buggers using up the aisles for their
"chats" and "meetings".... oh dont get me started.... !

I had to double check the author of this post. Then I fell off the chair!

And... may I ask why??? I have a passion for hating those groups of people in supermarkets who gather in aisles for a gossip or catch up. At my local tesco (which I loathe also) they have staff meetings.... in the bloody aisles!! Oh, and this is usually on a busy Friday afternoon or Saturday morning too.... oh gawd, you've got me started and it's not even midday yet!!!

Well I wasn't thinking of groups of people, I was thinking a maximum of three. I think I must have confused you with somebody else and not at Tesco but at Sainsbury where I go.