Re: I'll fathom the (Punch)bowl. Possibilties??

KGB (KGB) wrote:

I made one of my infrequent trips to the Punchbowl at the Green, near
Millom last night and was promptly accosted by the Landlord.

I know it is a long way ahead, but he is apparently having a beer
festival there on Saturday 2nd July and asked me if I could "rustle
up" some folk performers to sit in a corner and play for a couple of
hours in the afternoon. I foolishly told him " No problem!!".

Two points:-
1) Although hopefully I should be able to get the Prince of Wales
folkies to go, if anybody from UKLC is interested, polish your
instruments and stick the date in your diary.
2) It occurred to me that, could this possibly be an opportunity for
the "seems to have sunk without trace" Southern boink??

I would point out that there is a railway station (Green Road) within
reasonable walking (staggering) distance and a (fairly dismal) bus

p.s. There was no mention of free beer or other remuneration for
performers, but you never know!!!


Play well enough and he might reward you.

(But play poorly enough and he might try to get you to drunk to keep

((Is that even possible?))