Re: Very quiet in here.

a l l y wrote:

You're wrong, you know. The first time I remember trying rose wine was in a
little backstreet bar in Paris, presided over by an ancient old woman who'd
been in the Resistance during the war. Curious place it was, with a counter,
loads of bottles of wine, a few glasses, and herself. I seem to remember
being offered various wines as the afternoon wore on - she kept suggesting
we try this one or that one - but she was very keen on this particular rose,
which was actually quite a serious wine.

We'd only popped in to kill time while we waited for our washing at the
nearby launderette, too!


Obviously I hadn't taken into account your days on la Rue Saint-Denis,
but can well believe that this particular drink was a popular one with
the girls.

Surprised regards,


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