Re: Summats afoot

Ron(UK) wrote:
Is something wrong wi newgroups lately? I`m getting messages out of chronological order, and no posts in for a couple of days!

I was off to Scotland tomorrow, on a railway holiday.. but it`s proving so dificult to get about by train.. Also, I watched 'Coast' on TV last night cos it was about Western Isles and that chap who looks like Where`s Wally ( but in monochrome) made it look so drab, I`m changing my plans.. dunno where yet tho!

Ron O'thRovers

I hope you do go. It's a bit like the Lake District with Sea. You'd love it, but cover all exposed parts in industrial strength repellent rub the rest with Skin So Soft.

I think you can fly to Stornoway from Aberdeen.