If the government stopped benefits, would the nation become ungovernable?

There's a lot of talk now about benefits such as house benefit being
withdrawn from certain recipients, such as the under-25s. On the
Sunday Morning Live programme it was argued that pensioners don't
deserve perks like bus passes, fuel allowances and free TV licences.

Now what would the effect be if a very right-wing government (e.g. the
Tories) were to remove ALL benefits (not the state pension, because
that's not a benefit, it's a pension) at a stroke? A bit like the
situation in the US where if you don't have medical insurance, you
just have to learn to suffer or get someone with a pair of pliers to
perform that emergency tooth extraction, 'cos the state ain't gonna do
it for you.

Where would such a severe policy, rapidly introduced, leave the
British public? I would reckon there'd be a MASSIVE increase in petty
(and perhaps not so petty) crime, such that the police would not be
able to deal with it.

If this was the case, is all the talk from politicians about clamping
down on benefit scroungers just pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking and
they wouldn't dare to actually put it into practice for fear of the
inevitable outcome and the breakdown of the entire society?