Re: "Police up to 28 times more likely to stop and search black people – study"

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So, the police use Section 60, plus other stop and search powers, to
infringe Human Rights with almost no arrests being made?

"Human rights watchdog warns of 'racial profiling' as data reveals
under 3% of stop and searches leads to an arrest.

Police forces are up to 28 times more likely to use stop-and-search
powers against black people than white people and may be breaking the
law, new research from the official human rights body reveals.

The research from the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)
looked at police stop powers where officers do not require suspicion
of involvement in crime, known as section 60 stops.

The power is used most by the Metropolitan police, which carried out
three-quarters of the stops between 2008-11, some 258,000 in total.
The next heaviest user was Merseyside with 40,940 stops. Some forces
barely use the power.

Thus what the Metropolitan police does can skew the national picture
and the data shows a Met officer is about 30 times more likely to use
section 60 to stop a black person than a colleague outside London.

The figures show how often black Britons experience stop and search
through section 60 alone, never mind the more commonly used other stop-
and-search powers. The EHRC found that in 2008-09, the Met stopped 68
out of every 1,000 black people in its area. This fell to 32.8 per
1,000 by 2010-11. In the rest of England, the figure was down to 1.2
stops per 1,000 black people by 2010-11..."


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One person's managed democracy is another person's Police State,
 where Human rights are replaced by concessions.

Have you ever thought they're stopped because statistically they
commit more crime?