Re: "Police up to 28 times more likely to stop and search black people – study"

On Jun 12, 7:31 am, Doug <smi...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
So, the police use Section 60, plus other stop and search powers, to
infringe Human Rights with almost no arrests being made?

"Human rights watchdog warns of 'racial profiling' as data reveals
under 3% of stop and searches leads to an arrest.

Police forces are up to 28 times more likely to use stop-and-search
powers against black people than white people and may be breaking the
law, new research from the official human rights body reveals.

The majority of violent inner-city crime is committed by black men,
police figures suggest.

But the statistics also show that black men are twice as likely to be
victims of such crimes.

Police hold black men responsible for more than two-thirds of
shootings and more than half of robberies and street crimes in London,
according to figures released by Scotland Yard.

Blacks are subject to 14.6% of stop and searches, make up 13.7% of the
prison population despite being only 2.7% of the general population.


If black people are more likely to commit violent crime, then they
should be searched more often. This is to protect the general
population, including black people who are more likely to be victims
of violent crime. But the profiling should also be down on how the
person acts. A black guy in a suit and tie is less likely to be
involved in violent crime than a teenager wearing a hoodie.

If people in predominantly black areas commit more crime then they are
more likely to be searched, it is only natural.
However if black people are searched more often then the police are
more likely to find the odd thing by accident, and this will affect
the prison statistics, but not by anywhere near the amount above.

I would prefer the occasional stop and search, than to be stabbed by
anyone. If people did not commit violent crime then there would be no
need for the police to search people.

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