Fraud - What The BBC Won't Tell You About The National Lottery!

There is frequent and serious fraud in transactions for the National

These are all Camelot customers:

Bright and streetwise people

Those with learning difficulties

The aged dealing with mental decline

The hard of hearing

Camelot do not select their customers from clever people only; they
also trawl the masses to obtain the maximum number of gamblers in any
one draw.

However, while the systems of Camelot and of large retailers are
highly tuned to stop any one stealing from THEM; Camelot and the
retailers take far less care over the punters winnings. In fact, they
are so negligent about it, that they don't even tell you what you have
won - unless you ask.

Example: In a Waitrose store today, an elderly customer handed over
a winning ticket at the counter (not knowing it was a winning ticket).

The member of staff handed the customer £2.50 in 50p coins.

At no time was the customer told what they had won.
At no time was the customer shown what they had won.
The customer was simply given cash - no receipt no confirmation.

This is happening all over the country, in thousands of outlets both
large, small, seedy and posh.

Retailers get to know their customers and their habits. A corner shop
knows the elderly and vulnerable. Most would never dream of cheating
them - but my guess is that hundreds do! We certaionly have examples
of massive wins being stolen by retailers who gave false information
to the customer on what they had won.

In the event of a big win, Camelot routinely do check which would
quickly expose fraud. But my guess is that a retailer in a busy town,
could easily be pilfering £20 per day, £140 per week, ie; nearly £8000
a year.

Anyone can ask Camelot to investigate, and they will with great zeal
and efficiency - but that is not the point. The point is that in any
other tranaction in a store, there are obvious checks and receipts on
purchases - so why not on winnings? I could never hide from a store
the item I was purchasing, simply handing over the monery and walking
out saying, 'you can always see the item if you ask me'.

If we think of this fraud potential across the country we could be
talking about millions being fleeced from Camelot customers.

Camelot say, "it's not our problem, it's the customers
responsibility" Their attitude is that retailers shouldn't have to
discloise to the customer how much they have won (by showing them the
little pink retailer receipt) unless the customer ask to see it.

I've stood in a Halifax newsagent, and regulalry see one old lady pass
arounbd £70 worth of lottery tickets over for checking - in complete
trust of the retailer.

So you and I would almost always know what we had won, before we went

Because we a) either check on the TV when the draw is made, or:

check online.

But I have checked online before, making a screenshot of the numbers,
only to discover that Camelot have changed individual numbers later -
in other words, they broadcast the wrong information on their website
- the chances of this happening to you, are greater than the chances
of winning the top prize!

So , if we are to take Camelot at their word, and if as they say, "it
is the customer's responsibility' for their own security,this is what
you must do:

Photocopy every lottery ticket before taking it to a store, AND get
the retailer to sign in a 'winnings' book of yours, how much they
claim you have won.

OR simpy ask the retailer for proof, by being shown the pink receipt
that he is given by the machine - but even here, you will not know if
this is the same ticket that applies to your win, or if it is somebody

All in all. This is a very poor way of doing things - the customer
shoiuld be given a 'winnings' receipt - end of story.