Coinstar Cash Crooks Hide Behind Charities

Coinstar machines are an utter racket. No, it's not because their
machines 'steal' nearly 10% of the change you ask them to sort, it's
because they don't make it clear in their advertising OR on the

(The machine is the above picture says "free coin counting" but this
option was not given on the machine I saw).

These machines are often situated near the entrance to a supermarket.

I saw a full page advert in a glossy national student magazine. The
Coinstar machine was depicted as something that will add pleasure to
you life by:

"Changing your coins into cash!"

That is a false claim on three counts.

Count number one: Coins ARE cash already, therefore no conversion
takes place.

Count number two: Only just ver 90% of your coins are converted to
cash - the remainder is 'stolen' by the machine.

Count number three: The cash is actually converted into a voucher
(not cash). You then have to go to a till to get back your reduced
pile of money.

The advert is misleading because:

Nowhere in the advert does it mention that any charge is applicable.

Also, when you actually get to the machine, there is no cost shown on
the machine itself, but the charge comes up in relatively small print
on a TV screen, but only once you have undertaken to start the

The next trick could be when you are asked to donate all your change
to charity by the video screen software. Who gets the credit for
this? Who is eventually shown as donating to charity? Coinstar? Do
they also collect the tax relief for doing so? Do they make an
additional charge?

You may be thinking that if people are so stupid that they have to pay
10% of their money to a machine for counting it, then they deserve to
lose everything. However, this is the kind of trading that makes the
UK such a grubby country. It's not the fact that Coinstar charge
people for counting their money (Asda / Sainsbury till staff
apparently won't except it or will direcdt you to the machine), but
its the fact that the Coinstar cheats don't clearly display or
advertise their MASSIVE charge.

You will also noticfe from their website, that this grotty outfit also
hide behind charities like,
The British Heart Foundation
The Children's Society
British Red Cross
Cancer Research UK
and the BBC Children in Need

Why are the charity logos shown - obviously they were duped to
getting into bed with Coinstar, becuase when someone clicks the
charity button (unlikely), the money will be passed to a charity (at
what commision we don't yet know).

However, there is no suggestion that any monery will go to charity
simply by using the machine.

The front of the machine should display the charge and a clear

it for oursleves.