Re: Once again the supermarkets are in the dock for ripping us off

MM wrote:
Every few months another story comes round, today being no exception,
of the way supermarkets are cheating us. Yet no-one will actually call
a spade a spade here. When a supermarket blatantly offers a twin pack
that costs more that two individual packs with the combined same
weight, then it's fraud, pure and simple, and the supermarkets should
be prosecuted for unfair trading practices.

When I first saw this several years ago someone from the store
remarked, oh, it's just an accident. But it obviously isn't anything
of the kind. The supermarkets are deliberately and cynically working
out ways to scam us the whole time. This is how they can continue to
make vast profits. Profit is what is left over after costs have been
paid, so it is equally obvious that the supermarkets are charging us
far too much.

Profits are distributed to shareholders as dividends. At present, Tesco shares are yielding 4.1% a year, taxable. That's comparable with a 3-year fixed rate bond from a Building Society. However, unlike a Building Society bond, Tesco shares, like all shares, come with risk attached.

If shares in any business do not give a return comparable with other investment opportunities, investment is withdrawn, and the business ceases to be viable.

Since Tesco shares yield only 4.1%, it's actually very obvious they are _not_ charging us far too much.


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