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Given your response previously to Big Les Wade, I suspect that these
are actually mainly posts which Opera is unwrapping for you, for some

Most people see those posts with the same wrapping that was originally
put in.

I checked their headers. They are using format flowed, which is non-wrapping at 72.

It wraps in most clients.

Yours don't.

Stop blaming my end for your own program's decision.

I wouldn't dream of doing so.,, which means it would be impossible for
me to stop.

You're saying you're not blaming my end? So it's your fault then?

Whatever you are talking about, the answer is NO.

You really do need to learn to read.

Do you think I'm controlling your computer remotely and forcing it not to wrap? For goodness sake.

Of course not.

But you are posting in a format which means that when replying, the
quoted text does not wrap properly..

There is no reason that your end can't wrap my text, your program is just getting in a huff.

Please learn to read.

If you *can* read (and remember a little), then please stop lying.

That is the fault of *your* posting for not following the standards
which news clients expect..

Almost everybody else's posting do wrap properly when responding,
including all of those posted with format-flowed.

I've asked this twenty times, and I'll ask again. Tell me exactly what is incorrect about the formatting and I will pass it on to the programmers (I'm doing alpha testing and have contacts).

I don't actually know exactly what is wrong.

All I know is that everybody else's posts (including those posting
with "format-flowed") still wrap correctly when responding, while
yours don't.


How on *earth* do you get any meaning of me not understanding why
people are complaining from that?

It was in response to you saying "I don't know of anybody who can't read your text "just fine"."

Saying what it was in response to still gives no idea of how you came
up with that. I knew perfectly well what you were responding to.

There is nothing I have posted which I believe could cause any
rational person to come up with the idea that I might not understand
why people are complaining.

In one instance you say "Mine does indeed handle them OK, although yours still look very odd, particularly when I am replying, when the message uses the whole screen width."

In another instance you say "I don't know of anybody who can't read your text "just fine"".

Just repeating what I said does not give any idea how your twisted
logic came up with that.

Can you handle my text ok or not?

As I have said on numerous occasions, my client handles your text just
fine when reading the posts.

I don't think that is true of *all* clients.

When *responding*, your text is not wrapped , while everybody else's
is. I don't know how many clients that is true of, but suspect it is
most of them.
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