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I did, on a bicycle when in my early teens (early-mid sixties).

Let me used something called "common sense" when
you were traversing your route? If something looked a bit risky,
you used your "brain" to keep yourself safe?

And a now little known device called a "map".

I don't recall drivers reading maps down when driving down Regent
Street in pre-satnav days.

Nope, they read them before.

Truly the art of dumbing down is succeeding.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear about changes in the driving test from my
neice at the weekend. (She's recently failed her test and was lamenting
that by the time she takes it again, she'll have extra tasks on which she'll
be tested.)

It is calleld something like "independent driving", IIRC. The driver is
shown a map and a destination, and they have to navigate there using their
recollection of the map and roadsigns.

An excellent idea, and long overdue I reckon.

That's fine if you are familiar with the area. However, there are parts of the country where people actually live considerable distances away, and rarely - if ever - have been to the town where the 'local' test centre is.