Re: Feckless mums costing the taxpayer a fortune in benefits

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What's your suggestion, given that she does have those children? Take
them into care?

Yes. Pour encourager les autres like her.

More like décourager les autres.

I have long felt that instead of paying out benefits, the government
should build hostels where anyone who has no money may stay free of
charge with their family.

Exactly! The modern workhouse!

Nobody would get any money, but would have
their own small furnished bedsit room with TV and Internet access
point that is comfortable, very good meals

No. Adequate, nutritional meals

would be professionally

No. The residents would be shown how to prepare them.

in a single large kitchen and served in a communual dining
hall at fixed times, and there would be various recreational
facilities. People will have a basic but perfectly comfortable and
adequate standard of living for modern Britain, and the economy of
scale will mean that the taxpayer is forking out far less than is the
case in paying for each family to live in their own accomodation - and
many families will even enjoy a better standard of living than they do
on the present system because they cannot abuse the welfare by using
benefits money to buy non-essentials at the expense of essentials.

Plus, all the sprogs would have plenty of other sprogs to play with
and there would be societal cohesion - something that is missing from
the council estate.

Be honest - you've never been to a council estate have you?

Apart from living on one for twenty years, you mean? Albeit as a
homeowner, like most of the properties there.

There is
more cohesion there than in most places, because as longstanding
residents the people *know* one another.

It was like that in the early years, until about 1995. Then people
started moving in who weren't very nice at all. I call them the
pit-bull plebs. A couple of doors up and the police were often there,
late at night. When I returned some years ago just to have a look,
seeing the place for the first time after about six years, I thought,
Jesus Christ, what a tip.

Try living in a street like mine where years go by and people barely
look at one another because there is no recognition.

Maybe you could organise a street party? Hankies on heads, jam
sarnies, ginger beer, that kind of thing?