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Can anyone suggest a good civil rights lawyer (pro bono) to help
this guy?


If not he will spend the rest of his life in a Scottish prison

Good. His choice - stop offending and he can spend the rest of his
life at home in peace.

There are murderers & rapists
who have spent less time in prison for their crime!

His choice. That's a little disingenuous, on the basis of Gough
and a rapist serving time for just one offence, Gough would only
serve a fraction of the sentence of the murderer. It's nobody's
fault but his own that he wants to show his genitals to people
minding their own business. Who's paying for his kids, by the way?

What on earth is wrong with having your genitals on show to anyone,
they are a perfectly natural part of the human body.

Defecating is a perfectly natural act. But I don't suppose you'd
like to be having a picnic on the beach and have me come over, drop
my trousers and lay a cable in front of you while you're eating your

Of course not, as that would be a crime.

And that is the only reason you would object?


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