Re: Paid Deposit For Car But Cancelled

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You do not have to sign anything in order to enter into a legally
binding Contract.

By paying your deposit the garage entered into an obligation not to sell
the vehicle to anyone else, subject to you paying the balance of the
purchase price,

The garage is/are within their rights not to refund you the deposit if
they have lost the possibility of selling the vehicle to another
customer before you notified them of your change of mind, their is also
an administration cost to be considered. In summary, you breached the
Contract you entered into.

The moral would be to sleep on it _before_ you pay a deposit & not

Joe Lee

Thanks, I was 99% sure that would be the case, lesson learned there I


Quite a cheap one. What the vendor might do is allow you to use the £100
towards payment for another car s/he has on sale, although obviously you
are tied and not in as strong a negotiating position. OTOH from the
vendor's point of view he still makes a sale (and the profit on it) and
probably keeps you as a [fairly] satisfied customer rather than having
spouting off down the pub about how Joe's cars stiffed you for a ton.

To be fair to the dealer, they did suggest that I look around and the £100
could be used against that car but alas, there wasn't anything suitable
within my budget. On the bright side I have seen another car elsewhere that
is in budget and I have been offered £150 more for my trade in so I guess
you could say I am £50 up on the deal overall! ; )