Re: Bloody TV Licensing!

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Mabon Dane wrote:
I do not have a TV or any of the equipment that requires a TV License.
I get bombarded by letters telling me to get a TV License or I would be
in serious trouble. There was a section saying please ring this number
to inform us that you do not need a TV License. I rang the dudes at
the TV Licensing and told them I have no TV and no equipment that
required one. I asked them to note this and they said they would not
bother me again.

For gods sake, why do people who dont have TV licenses get so upset about
this? If you have no tv, just treat the letters as junk mail. Do you get all
upset when capital one preapprove you for their gold card?

This is how you calm yourself down, when you open the letter and you see tv
licensing, just throw it in the bin, do not read, do not phone up, do not
curl up into a ball and cry, just bin it.


Yes but it doesn't stop at that. Apart from the abusive letters about
every 3 months I got a knock on the door. When I answered the door
there would be two investigators from TV licensing on the door step.
They were very polite but the thrust of their enquiry was very

They start off by introducing themselves and asking if there is a TV
being used on the premises to which I reply in the negative. They then
respond by taking a note of my name and finish up by saying words to the
effect 'Well that's all in order then sir - we'll just come in and do a
quick check of the premises and then we'll be on our way'

When I tell them they ain't coming in to search my house the tempo
changes and the threats start coming. 'You realize sir that if you
refuse us access to your premises we can apply to the local magistrates
court for a warrant' and 'of course you will continue to get regular
personal calls from us until you comply' being the favourites.

After 3 or 4 visits they finally gave up and sent me a letter saying
that they will accept that I don't have a TV and won't bother me again
for 2 years. I'm not holding my breath on this.

If the police made a habit of just wandering into any old street and
knocking on doors at random saying to the occupants that they would like
to search the premises for evidence of criminal activity there would be
an uproar.