Re: Hearing Compensation a Scam or Genuine?

"Dave Jones" wrote:
Hi has anyone had any experience of hearing compensation companies?
Recently a radio station advertised a company called HCRU. Their
stationary shows the address in Astley, but there is no reference to them
being a limited company or details of company registration. I rang them
and was booked two days later to give an over the phone question and
answer session lasting about 20 minutes. Work history, ringing in the ears
etc etc type questions. Then an appointment was made for their rep /
hearing person to visit, spell out the details of their services and give
a hearing test. When I answered the door and let their hearing technician
in he looked and talked salesman, which immediately put me was on my
guard for the scam. Anyway we had the hearing test and it turned out that
my hearing level brought me into the able to claim zone. When asking about
fees I was told that it would be a no win no pay situation and that all
HCRU s fees would be taken care of by the solicitor. It turned out that I
could make 3 types of claim. One a direct claim from past employers for
damage done to my hearing 2 a claim for Industrial injury benefit
3 a claim for digital hearing aids. But I really needed to decide on
before he left wether to go for no1 claim which would cost me nothing, or
all three, the 2nd and 3rd type of claim would require a fee payable
before he left of £195 for the two (which I saw as the punchline I had
been waiting for) Naturally I told him that I never did anything over the
table on the moment and could he send me a proposal or leave me some
documentation to peruse. He said that was not what they normally did but
reluctantly did leave me copies of the documentation (which was medium /
poor photostat unimpressive quality ) The only reference as to who they
are on all the pages and forms used is on the form of authority
authorizing HM rev and customs to supply them with details of my work
They give their details as: Lowton Ellenbrook of Astley Park Estate
Astley, Manchester.
Are they genuine, are they scammers?

I don't know.