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From: "LYNN MALONE" <lmnw43771@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: help
Date: 04 January 2008 09:32

I am currently going through the very early stages of a split with my
wife of 12 years.
We have 2 children (ages 6 & 8) which my wife is currently not
allowing me access to.
She claims they are traumatised by our arguments and are now scared to
see me!
See says that I have no claims on the property until the children are

Can someone advise if the above is true, we have a property valued at
approx. £300,000
with only a £50,000 mortgage outstanding. Additionally, we have a flat
which is currently rented out which is worth approx £100,000 (no

My wife and I both work full-time and we both are paid approx the same
salary (£35,000 each).

She has indicated that she wishes us to go through a mediation process
to sort out a) any access to my children and b) the finances.

I am currently lodging at a friends house and was wondering if anyone
can advise what , very roughly, I might expect out of this. I realise
Solicitors are an obvious option, but would appreciate any advice
anyone could give me regarding this.

Kind Regards..

Gary has this right
Do not assume that anything your partner says to you is true and assume that
this is a ploy (not the basis for a row but be aware that you could already
be being stitched up...I was....mediation was just more time to take more!
You MUST get some good legal advice...(MUST!!). Don't bother with the
nearest firm: aska round and ask your friends to ask their friends for a
good firm..(everyone knows someone who has been here) a jobbing hack is as
poor as not bothering!..try the net for Family Law specialist in your area,
if all else fails (but this is second best).
If you have joint accounts then check 'em/ undo them (my ex- stole all our
savings and I couldn't afford to trace them).
You are in deep poo:
'She claims they are traumatised by our arguments and are now scared tosee
Even a good lawyer will stuggle to save anything for you (think being
Jewish in 1930's Germany) but the longer you sit-still (you should not have
left the family home, by the way) the more likely you are to be screwed.
Worst case: she nicks your money and goes for Legal Aid and game over...
(she will get custody of the kids...even if a murdering druggie etc) so she
will get a lump (at least) of the house.and can live on Benefit (a good
screw given that no tax, Ctax, mortgage etc and the money from HMG coming
in)) and she'll have 'no income' foe CSA purposes (even if working). You
will pay lots to HMG (for the Benefits) your kids cease to matter..CSA huh.
Get some legal advice!

Good luck...