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Friends seems to be in the wrong place, It should be nearer "my xbox" IMO. Friends section is interesting though. Each person shows an avatar and a pile of boxes, plus one box with box art on it - that would be the game they are currently playing/or have in disc tray probably. But everyone has a different size pile of boxes with different shapes. For example BobbyUK has hundreds of little boxes yet Dekay has a couple of larger boxes and a rock band kit, Fourfootone has only a handful of medium boxes and a big robot that looks like a headless master Chief holding up an xbox logo and then a few friends have no boxes but a giant X instead.

Just to add some things. I have noticed some things with the friends list which are big annoyances.
You cannot really see at a quick glance who is online. Yes they are the ones shown who have Box art by their avatars, and if they are offline there is no boxart and their avatar is a shadow only but if you have lots online, its not easy to quickly see your chosen friend, you have to scroll through everybodys avatar to find the one you want. Also if you want to add a friend, you have to scroll through your entire list of friends to get to the very end where there is an add friend avatar. If you have a very long list of friends this will surely piss you off.
There is also no quick way to see who is away or busy. I think if someone is away they look like they are sleeping, but still, you have to find that person in your list.

I think we're going to have to get used to bringing up the guide to navigate friends, even on the dashboard.

Yes I forgot about the guide button. Pressing that you can launch the firends list in a proper list which is easy to read.