Re: Geometry Wars 2

jochta wrote:

I really can't see the appeal. It's just another dualstick shooter,
only this time you can't see what the hell is going on due to far too
much happening on screen. Half the time the only way to see where
your ship is is by following the bullets backwards.

Or, y'know, watch where your ship is. ;)

And dying umpteen
times just through not knowing where the hell you are is just
Oh, and I hate the fact about 25% of the screen is not visible at any
one time. And those stupid green boxes that fly straight for you but
have an amazing knack of not wanting to be shot.

I love the level in sequence mode that is nothing but loads and loads of
green squares. Fly around until you've got this *enormous* mass of glowing
green behind you, start firing backwards, then sweep up the stragglers. Joy.

Shoot some stuff. Collect green things to up the multiplier. Lots more
stuff appears. Shoot a few. Too much stuff to shoot and can't see
where ship is anymore. Die. Repeat.


Disagree. :)



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