Re: Planned Weekend: The Gamening

On Fri, 11 Jul 2008 11:39:32 +0100, DBSnappa wrote:

deKay wrote:
Morning boys!

This weekend I'll be playing:

Taking the train from Waterloo this afternoon to go to Lymington, where
I will be staying on a friend's 48' yacht for the weekend - we're going
to Goodwood FOS tomorrow, so it seemed a little (but not much) handier -
and he's been pestering me to go down for the weekend. I shall try and
resist the urge to be rude to the blustering barstool bores that seem to
hang out at the Haven Bar in the marina...

Anyway - DS ahoy me mateys, so I think I might actually have a go at
Phantom Hourglass, seeing as I started it a couple of weeks ago, played
for about ten minutes and then didn't touch it again.

That'll probably be it.

I kind of imagined you having a boat moored up near your second house in

Are you sure it's not your that has the boat and your just trying to be
cool ;)