Re: Tuesday Top 5: XBLA games

Chris Stevens wrote:
Anyway, what I settled on, because it's something I was thinking about anyway, was 'Top 5 XBLA games'. Apologies if it excludeds non-360-owning posters, but here are mine:

I think I've got 15 XBLA games, but my "played" list shows I've not touched a few for some time. Anyway, here's my faves:

1. Rez HD. It's tight for top spot, but this has to take it. Rez, but better. I mean, that's something I never thought I'd be writing down. Sheer gaming heaven, full game modes and if there is any slight differences I'm not really found anything to be a real issue.

2. GW:RE. Probably the one I've put most time into if only to try get near DBSnappa's score, which I sort of did once then he went and added another 500k on. Also, why do we all call it Retro Evolved when it's always listed everywhere, including ingame, as just Evolved?

3. Pac-Man CE. The XBLA game I haven't played for the longest, I've just not been drawn back to it - perhaps it gave up the achievements a little too easily. However, it was and still is an amazingly refreshing update to the game and the battle for top score on the friends list especially was great fun.

4. Carcassonne. This has tempted me to look into getting the actual board game. I had low hopes for it after the plodding Catan, but this is much faster paced and all the better for it. Extremely well implemented (for the most part), simple but polished to a shine.

5. Space Giraffe. A contentious one from my own point of view - it's just pushing out the very good MBU and others - but at least it had the balls to try something a bit out there. Although too much for it's own good I'd say, the few times I've been back to it of late I've tried carrying on where I left off and can't last 10 seconds. Still, a blast when (and if) you can get in the zone.

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