Re: Bioshock "widescreen" backlash?

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Or alternatively, it's 4:3 screens which give more "vertical" periphery
than their widescreen counterparts.
So you're seriously implying that widescreen TVs & monitors exist to
give less periphery than a 4:3 screen, just a more zoomed in picture?

No, only to give a screen of a certain shape, on the basis that it's more
comfortable for us to view a widescreen image than a 4:3 one, cropped or
not, and that any increase in information is just a incidental bonus.
Widescreen isn't an "upgrade", it's a return to the natural shape that
was first introduced by cinema etc but may have been difficult to
replicate in CRTs.

Then why are widescreen TVs still nowhere near as wide as a cinema screen?

Because you have to balance width with the practicality of the screen being
in a house and not a cinema.