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Anyway, when I was reading the back of the box, I noticed that it states in capital letters, "NOT TO BE DISTRIBUTED IN THE UK." I thought it must be an import copy or something, but just below this it has an 08710 tech support number, "charged at 10p/min", and a web address of

These details are all obviously UK-based, so why the distribution warning? Anyone know?
Not that I have any direct experience, but this sounds like an Irish copy that's not meant for consumption or use south of a particular arbitrary border or on the other side of a particular body of water.
I think you may have got your Irelands flipped. The north is (for the time being) part of the UK.

And it couldn't be from the south as they use Euros now.

My mistake, thanks for the correction. If the South is fully a member of the EU, currency and all, then I can't think of why there's that warning except that it might be a simple misprint. Perhaps they meant 'Not for the EU (continent)' if there's no multi-language support? Wouldn't be the first time a case label's had the wrong info on it.

I'm not sure it has anything to do with Ireland, it sounds more likely that it is a pre-sale/review or demo copy that someone has sold.