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Beyond Good & Evil (Xbox)
Started a new game of this, as my last save was on my chipped xbox which I gave to a neighbour. Haven't played it for ages and it still feels lovely. May persevere beyond the level I got to last time.
Just lent this to a friend (on 'cube) and I miss it already. Not that I
was playing it, but I liked having it in my cupboard. There's something
about unfinished series which captures the heart... This, Shenmue,
It's one of those games that plays havoc with the aspect ratios on my LCD - something that only seems to effect certain games on the xbox even though it's set to widescreen it defaulted to some weird 4:3 box with borders all round the window. Anyway, it's a game I never finished (one of many for the original xbox) and I remember getting to the part where tou have to get to the moon and getting stuck - so I might have a fair old crack at this this week and see if I can get further through it - it is quite lovely, even if the camera is a bit irksome.

Not far from the end, either. You could probably finish this and Doom 3
in the same session!

Not for BG&E I won't as the save I have where I'm looking for the rocket is on my old xbox which I gave to a neighbour's son. This is a new game and I'm only just about to leave the pedestrian district to go to the Nutripils factory. I know it's not the longest game in the world, but I suspect I don't have the stamina to get to the end in one session ;)