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It's really rubbish.

In what way?

Controls like crap and the graphics are really bad too. After playing a bigger version in GAME (PS2 I think) this seemed like a good buy. This was one of the worst decisions ever. I want to try and change it for the 360 version, but it's from ASDA. Hope they let me, it's been less than a day...

if you have your receipt you have, by law, 7 days to return it.

If it's been opened and is merely unwanted then I don't believe you have any grounds to return it, it's at the discretion of the shop.

it may be, but take it back, kick up a fuss and if all you want is an
exchange (especially as the exchange would mean them getting more
cash) i'd bet they'd let it slide.

I'm sure they'd do it without a fuss, I was just questioning your claim of legal requirement.