Re: Chicken Want Bin!

2) Annoying bugs
Playing San Andreas now, have yet to encounter any bugs except for ugly
graphics :)

Plenty of falling/walking/flying/driving through stuff. Wonky AI too.
Haven't seen any clipping bugs in SR yet, but it does have other bugs.
mission, you have to chase a car and destroy it. Get too far away, and a
countdown starts. If you don't get back in range before the countdown
you fail the mission. So I destroyed the car, and then when driving away
the next bit of the mission, the countdown started. I went back to the
destroyed car, to find it had gone, and the countdown carried on, and I
the mission. Bah. Also, I've had mission waypoint markers fail to appear
the map, so I have no idea where to go.

3) Muthaf**ker

Indeed. Swearing, in context and for humour value = ace. (SR, GTA).
for no reason with no humour = wrong (Prey).

If you got sucked into a living spaceship/planet thingee...wouldn't you

I actually didn't even notice the swearing in Prey. Go figure.