Re: SMSM - PS2 trade value

On 2006-05-30, Great Cthulhu rose from the deep and compelled Lister to exclaim:
On Mon, 29 May 2006 21:19:40 GMT, "S:MS:M"
<mary_langridge@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

"Alastair Foster" <unclechibi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Um. Around £40 I would guess. We're not supposed to give trade in prices
over phone as I guess you know but if you call me on 01274720726 between
11-3 tomorrow I'll double check and let you know. Best deal on Slimline is
£135 with Official Memory Card, GW controller and 2 new games (i.e. Hitman
and Tomb Raider). There are a couple of deals with Buzz/Singstar and Fifa
also. A pre-owned one is £89.97.

Expect a phonecall from Lister sometime tomorow then. - A. Forster.

Lister can use a phone? I assumed he had some 'help' using computers.


No, I might phone you... but then again I'm too busy at college

Given the subject title, I'm surprised you didn't offer to trade your
PS2 for S:MS:M :)


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