Slay, Pant, Sin (PWB 22nd May)


New Super Mario Bros (DS) - Best game ever! Well, I'm enjoying it a lot, anyway. Still can't work out how to open worlds 4 and 7. I hope it's something I can figure out and not something I'll have to be told. Played this loads, including many hours after I "completed" it.

Animal Crossing: WW (DS) - Oooh, I should turn it on and see if I won the fishing tourney! If I have I think I may sell the trophy to Nook. Got too many of the bloody things.

Hitman Contracts (XBOX) - Playing this in preparation for Blood Money. Really starting to get into it now I've upped the difficulty, forcing me to be clean. A little more feedback wouldn't go amiss, mind.

Ouendan (DS) - Got as far as Ready, Steady, Go. Had one go, but haven't been back.

Tomb Raider: Legend (360) - Ace, but I've not touched it since I finished the story.

Super Smash Bros Melee (GC) - E3 video for the sequel sent me back to this. It's fantastic fun, even in single player.


Hitman Blood Money (360) - Because it should be Contracts smoothed out a bit.

Table Tennis (360) - Because it sounds like great quick fix fun.

Monster Hunter Freedom (PSP) - For no reason I can fathom.


Amazon failing to get hold of Capcom Classics Collection for me. Bah. I refuse to pay more than ten quid for it.

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