Re: Recommend game-like posters and sources

On 2005-12-29, Beck <my_bulkmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Toby Newman wrote:
>> Hello!
>> I've set up a new games room in my house and it could do with a poster
>> of some sort. Can anyone recommend any? only has
>> about 4 Halo posters and a Conker poster. I've got a huge Soul
>> Calibur poster but it's far too big, too busy, and the fact that it
>> prominently features Ivy's tits makes it a little inappropriate tbh ;)
>> I've also got a free poster that came with Planescape:Torment. Best
>> game ever. Worst poster ever. :D
>> I'm a little lost, to be honest. Any recommendations?
> I have a Voodoo Vince poster somewhere if you want it. Can you have the
> dust with it too :-)

Thanks, but I've never played the game so that would just feel wrong.

I'm thinking of maybe getting a large print of something like this
done at a photography shop perhaps, stick it in a glass frame maybe.

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