Re: Sega Game Gear

Craig Wynne wrote:
Just bought a Sega Game Gear.  Got Shinobi and Wonderboy.

Any other games to recommend?

The Sonics are all pretty good, I prefer 1, a lot of people prefer 2.

Lemmings is as good on the GG as it is anywhere.

I found Prince of Persia VERY atmospheric, but the password system is straight from the Master System and not optimised for a dinky screen, many letters are very difficult to recognise on lter levels, leaving you to guesswork "Is it a D? or an O? or a Q?" etc. Still very good though.

Fantastic Dizzy, Cosmic Spacehead, Micro Machines, and most of the stuff by Codemasters was worth playing.

That's all I can think of for now, except for the essential Columns of course.