Re: Payment Sent to Wrong Account

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Nick wrote
I am surprised that the bank will not reverse a mistaken transfer.

"John Boyle" wrote
??? Why on earth should they? It was sent to the
account which the remitter intended (at the time)...

Eh? Where do you get that from?

From the OP. Have you read it?

OP said: "...send the money to the correct account, the details of
which I provided on an official form when I joined the company."

That means he intended for the payment to be made to the
other a/c, and had that intention since before the payment
was made (incorrectly) to the wrong a/c -- because
the intention was there since he "joined the company".

Are you suggesting that the "remitter" (payroll co)
actually *intended* NOT to follow the OP's request?
If so, then why on earth should the payroll co be able to
choose which of the OP's a/c's they transfer his salary to?

I cant follow your logic here at all.

Lets start again. Why should the recipient bank refund the money to the PayrollCo when the recipient bank credited the account the PayrollCo told them to credit?

The action of the payollco is irrelevant with regard to the recipient bank ability to refund the dosh.

John Boyle