Re: Student Grants?

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Derek Geldard wrote:
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I haven't quite worked out when this comes into play, all it says is
that it will be fully implemented by 2010. Does anyone know whether
existing students can get a rebate this year? start claiming next year?
Or is it only for NEW students?

Many thanks

The Students & Grants Fees issue is a complete bucket of dog vomit.

I've had 3 kids go to uni (1991-2004), proper degrees & proper
universities, no Mickey Mouse "Geography with Dance etc." crap, and
all three have gone under a different set of funding rules.

From what I've heard (And I'm still Guessing) the latest amendment to
the rules will apply for those starting Uni in October 2,008.

The new incentives are intended to get more new applications, but for
those who have already applied and are one or two years into their
course it's New Labour Tough Titty.

ICBW, but who wants to spend their valuable time picking through a
bucket of dog vomit.

If the idea could be got right, theyd have done it the first time
round. Or maybe should have ;-) ...


Thanks DG for your reply.

SO it sounds like my daughter who when it comes to applying in 2008 will
be in her third year, as I've already been financially assessed for the
coming year, may NOT benefit from these new measures, which would give
us an additional grant of about £1000 to what we're getting :-(
It seems a bit unfair to be based on income as, and correct me if I've
got this wrong, if I won the lottery and gave up work, I could claim
FULL Maintenance while have a bucket full of money in the bank!

OK, I'll correct you as you are wrong. "Income" includes interest on
savings and return on investments, not just income from "work", so
unless you keep your millions in an account that paid no interest what
so ever and lived by eating into your capital, you would not be getting
a grant. :-)

I've e-mailed the office to get clarification with regards to whether
existing students will be eligible for the new rates next year or not.
If not it would appear I've falling in the trap of her going to
University just at the most costly time. Bah.